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Will the real Steven Colbert please stand up?

I do not normally comment on entertainment or personalities, but I think Steven Colbert deserves at least a brief mention.  Also, I may be partial because he lives in Montclair, NJ only a mile or two from where I live, and I have bumped into him at a local ice cream shop.

Is he the ultra-conservative, ultra patriotic pundit he portrayed on The Colbert Report?  Certainly not, conservative, yes, but not the borderline fanatic persona he portrayed on his previous show.

He is mainstream now, and will have to tone it back a notch not to displease the CBS network monitors.  I think his cutting edge sarcasm, incisive wit, and engaging sense of the humor of the absurd will survive intact, and will provide viewers with some of most provocative interviews of any one on TV.

Good Luck to Steven Colbert on his latest gig at Late Night, and may the conservative force be with you, may you not offend your Catholic Mother too much, and may you have a long and distinguished career, in keeping with your many predecessors.

Stephen Colbert in New York City at Border's s...

Stephen Colbert in New York City at Border’s signing copies for his book I Am America (And So Can You!) The photographer dedicates this portrait of Stephen Colbert to Wikipedia editor Pete Forsyth of Portland, Oregon, who has improved Wikipedia in immeasurable ways. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


by John Lombaerde

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