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The Rise of the Entrepreneur

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This is not just lip service.  The time we are living in now will determine life for the next generation, and many generations to follow.

The transition from the old to the new has never been more glaring.  Let’s compare.

THE OLD – analog, corporate, big business, university education only, record companies, newspapers, analog TV, landline phones, dial-up Internet.

THE NEW – digital, entrepreneurial, start-ups, online education, streaming digital music, RSS readers, online news sources, blogs, digital TV, smart phones, fiber optics.

The comparison is dramatic and striking.  It is not only change brought about by technology.  There is a significant difference in the personal choices we me make based on the technology now available to us. It not only affects our choices as consumers, it has profound implications for digital content creators in terms of how we manage our business, and how we interact with the public as well as our potential prospects and our customers.

For the entrepreneur there are greater opportunities, but also greater challenges than ever before. By overcoming all obstacles, including the technological ones, we can become the inspired, prosperous, and accomplished entrepreneurs needed as shining examples to re-inspire and invigorate this sometimes this worn-out world in which we live.

God Bless America, and the Entrepreneur!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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by John Lombaerde

John Lombaerde is a veteran CNC Programmer and technical writer. He is also a blogger, internet marketer, a Founding Member of MarkeHive. and an aspiring digital publisher. For more information visit Google Plus at

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