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Don’t get discouraged when it comes to list building!

List building takes time, right?  This is a process.  Just make sure that you have followed enough tips to grow your list step by step. As long as you are moving forward and making progress day by day, week by week, you are OK.

You don’t have to have a magic bullet that explodes your list from one day to the next. The race goes to the tortoise, not the hare here.
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Digital Publishing News – tablets and e-book readers are hot!

Amazon Kindle 3 (Photo credit: GillyBerlin)

It has been reported that percentage of adults who own a tablet or an e-book reader is approaching 50 percent!  It is remarkable that the this happened in just a few short years!   This number appears to have has doubled since 2011. Another surprising development is the increased use of tablets and e-readers by younger users.  When a new electronic device hits the market that is either smaller, smarter or faster than our current device, we seem to flock to the newer devices in droves. The explosion in digital content online parallels this increase in digital device ownership.

(see “5 Ways Ereaders are still better than Tablets“)


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