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Google Quality Guidelines Digest

English: Another view of the south side of the...

English: Another view of the south side of the Googleplex from Charleston Road. Photographed by user Coolcaesar on September 17, 2006. category:Google (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. “Front and Center”

Is your content front and center at the top of your page?

Or does someone have to scroll to read your first sentence?

According to the document, Google considers this is a BIG deal.

(In fact, it’s almost as important as your content’s overall quality)

In Google’s own words, they want your content to be “front and center” on the page.

Bottom Line: Don’t push your content “below the fold” of your page. A visitor should be able to read the first sentence without having to scroll.

2. E-A-T the results

This document really focused on E-A-T.

What’s E-A-T?

E-A-T stands for:




And E-A-T boils down to: “Can you trust the source of this content?”.

Obviously, Google wants to show their users content with the highest level of E-A-T.

Bottom Line: If you’re an expert in your field, make sure to advertise that fact in your content. If not, “borrow” authority by citing lots of sources and experts.

3. “Highly Meets” vs. “Fails to Meet”

Google wants to rank pages that make searches say: “Great! I have my answer now”.

According to the document, an article that gives someone a comprehensive answer “Highly Meets” their needs.

And pages that don’t provide a full answer to their question “Fail to Meet” their needs.

This is a quick, yet essential overview of what Google wants to see on your website.

John Lombaerde


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by John Lombaerde

John Lombaerde is a veteran CNC Programmer and technical writer. He is also a blogger, internet marketer, a Founding Member of MarkeHive. and an aspiring digital publisher. For more information visit Google Plus at

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