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What are 200 million visitors doing on every month? 

"They are saving hundreds of dollars on basic business tasks every single day!  You can minimize your costs on Fiverr by using the Fiverr Finesse - Outsourcing Guide.  

This 249 page guide is filled with advice and data on vendors in over 120 categories.  You can quickly and easily find the very best vendors on Fiverr with this powerful Guide."

Don't waste your time searching through dozens of Fiverr vendors, trying to figure out how to choose the best!  Find the most experienced, and most qualified vendors in seconds, with the Fiverr Finesse - Outsourcing Guide.  Make your vendor choices quickly and efficently to insure you get the best possible and highest quality result. . ... 

Dear Friend,

I have to admit, I think Fiverr is great!  If I need a graphic designed, like a logo, Fiverr is the first place I turn to for help.  I am what you would call design challenged.  There is an incredible variety of graphic artists on Fiverr, all waiting to display their talent and creativity for just $ 5.00.

If I have a problem with WorPress, (and I am actually fairly adept at WordPress), I don't waste my time trying to figure it out myself, I call on one of the expert WordPress fixers on Fiverr. The best WordPress fixers on Fiverr have fixed thousands of WordPress problems, and some of them have offer a single day turnaround.  This is really a special talent that very few IT professionals have mastered.  

Maybe you need a simple video intro for your YouTube video. Or maybe you need a professional voice over for your podcast.  These are just examples of the thousands of tasks available on Fiverr.  No longer will you have to push yourself or your staff to do small business tasks that are outside of their "comfort zone".   If you or your staff have little training or experience at a particular task, why should you "sweat it out", and risk a mediocre result when you have army of professionals available that will work for just $5.00?

Fiverr is really a win-win proposition for your business.   If there is any downside to Fiverr it is that there are too many vendors to choose from.  That is where the Fiverr Finesse - Outsourcing Guide comes in.  Because it ranks Fiverr vendors in terms of number of gigs delivered, quality and speed of delivery, you will always find the most experienced vendors on Fiverr in seconds.

Take a look at the following categories of available "gigs" , or micro-jobs on Fiverr.  There are over 120 categories of jobs on Fiverr listed here.  It is hard to imagine there is any business that could not benefit from at least one of these "gigs".   

  • Graphics and Design -  including Cartoons and Cariacatures, Logo Design, Illustration, Ebook Covers, Web Design, Photography and Photo Editing, Landing Pages, Flyers and Brochures, Business Cards, Banners and Headers, Presentation Design
  • Online Marketing -  Web Analytics, Article and PR submission, Blog mentions, Domain Research, Fan Page Creation, Keyword Research, Video Marketing, Bookmarking and Linking, Social Marketing, Traffic, Search Engine Optimization.  
  • Writing and Translation - Copywriting, SEO Keyword Optimization, Creative Writing, Translation, Transcripts, Website Content, Press Releases, Resumes and Cover Letters, Speech Writing, Proofreading and Editing, Reviews
  • Video and Animation -  Commercials, Editing & Post Production, Animation and 3D, Actor testimonials & Reviews, Intros, Stop Motion, Puppets
  • Music and Audio - Audo Editing and Mastering, jingles, Songwriting, Music Lessons, Rap Music, Hip-Hop Music, Custom Songs, Sound Effects and Loops, Custom Ringtones, Voicemail Greetings, Narration and Voice-Over. 
  • Programming and Tech - WordPress, Web Programming, Mobile Apps and Web, Website Builders & CMS, Convert Files, Ecomerce, User Testing, QA, Databases, Desktop Applications, Data Analysis & Reports, IT Support 
  • Business -  Hold Your Sign, Flyers and Handouts, Human Billboards, Pet Models, Banner Advertising, Radio, Music Promotion, Outdoor Advertising

The Fiverr Finesse - Outsourcing Guide is your Fiverr Navigator ...

Your "Secret Weapon" is this guide.  You will find vendors like a Pro.  No trial and error.  No searching through vendors wasting time trying to find the best one for your business.  Finally an instant way to solve "Fiverr fever", and be sure you are using the best and most experienced vendors.

I use this Guide myself on a regular basis, after I realized how much time I was spending trying to find the best vendors on Fiverr.  The search feature on Fiverr is well ....  let's just say it is not like a Google search.  It is a bit limited.  By using the Fiverr Guide you simply click search and find the best vendors in seconds.  

In addition, the Guide offers a number of "buyer beware" cautions.  There are some Fiverr "gigs" that do not follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines.  There are risks to ignoring the Google Guidelines, and the Guide explains in detail how avoid any negative consequences to your choice of Fiverr "gigs".  This advice alone is extremely valuable, and the value of this advice alone is worth ten times the cost of the Guide itself.

Introducing ...

                  Let's review the benefits of using the Fiverr Finesse - Outsourcing Guide

  • Quickly become a Fiverr Pro - The guide will make you an instant "expert".  Just follow the guidelines on how to use Fiverr, even if you have never used Fiverr before.
  • Easily find the best vendors - There are literally dozens and sometimes hundreds of vendors in each category.  The Guide lists vendors by the number of  "gigs" delivered so only the most experienced vendors with the highest ratings and best delivery are listed.  You only choose from the "cream of the crop"
  • Avoid Google penalties -  Unfortunately some of the "gigs" on Fiverr violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines.  There are risks in not following Google's recommendations.  These types of "gigs" are listed as buyer beware.  By understanding how to avoid these types of "gigs" you can save your company the frustration of losing search engine position, or other unfortunate consequences. 

Here is what one of the first business owners to use the Fiverr Finesse - Outsourcing Guide said.

"Fiverr Finesse - Outsourcing Guide is an excellent manual to have in your possession, regardless of your level of involvement with the Internet or whether you are a business owner or just an ordinary consumer.  From Fiverr novices to Fiverr junkies, this ebook on the subject of Fiverr by John Lombaerde will be of great interest to you as it will save you time and help you avoid costly pitfalls when ordering gigs on Fiverr."   Wesley Sanou - Trendy Zone, Bloomfield, NJ

Plus, a Special Bonus For FREE!

The Outsourcing Cheat Sheet is included.  It describes the 10 best tasks you can outsource today, and where to oursource these micro jobs.  This is valuable additional information on successful outsourcing methods.

What it this product really worth? 

Fiverr Finesse - Outsourcing Guide 

Outsourcing Cheat Sheet 





This Guide probably should sell for this $ 59 price based on the amount of time it took to produce it, and all the valuable data it includes.  ( A full 249 pages).  I have no intention of selling at this price or anything near that much, not even half that price.  

You only need to pay $49 $25 $10  $4.95 for this information.  This is less than the price of a single Fiverr "gig".   At this price it is really a steal! This price may not hold so it would be wise to get it while the price remains low.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for 30 days  months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Questions Asked!

Thank you for your interest in the Fiverr Finesse - Outsourcing Guide.  I invested quite a bit of time to produce it, and I know you will benefit from using it every time you visit   


John Lombaerde - Goldfinch Digital Publishing LLC

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