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Don’t be a Charlie Brown List Builder!

Sometimes it is easy to feel like an underdog when it comes to list building.

You may have been doing some affiliate marketing, but that’s not the way to expand your own customer list, right? You are selling someone else’s product.

You may have a good idea for a product, but you just haven’t able to put it together yet. I know it’s not easy to put a sales funnel together, and there are a number of things to consider when you develop your own product.

So you may feel sorry for yourself that you don’t have enough traffic yet for your website, and your mailing list is still too small. Sound the trumpets, because the link below may change all film Aardvark

This post is by Jon Morrow, who is an expert blogger, traffic generator, and list builder. He has well over 200,000 monthly visitors per month to his blog, and is on staff at

If you take several of the 111 steps on this list seriously, and work them consistently, for you, wishing and hoping for more traffic and a bigger subscriber list will be a thing of the past.

Good Luck in all your endeavors!

–> The Ultimate List-Builder’s Resource Guide <—-

by John Lombaerde

John Lombaerde is a veteran CNC Programmer and technical writer. He is also a blogger, internet marketer, a Founding Member of MarkeHive. and an aspiring digital publisher. For more information visit Google Plus at

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