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80+ Best WordPress Plugins for 2015

Here is a list of the best WordPress plugins for 2015.

A few words of advice on WordPress plugins first.

There are over 35,000 WordPress plugins in the WordPress plugin directory as of January 2015.

How in the world can you choose the best plugins for your site, and how many plugins should you install?

Excellent question young Sky walker! You need to install as many plugins as you need, but keep in mind that you really need high-quality plugins that have well-written code. A single poorly written plugin can slow down the performance of your entire website.

Fortunately you can be assured that a plugin that has been kept updated, and downloaded tens or hundreds of thousands of times, probably is very well written, and will not cause any problems.

There really is no problem with installing dozens of plugins. As long as they are well-written plugins, the performance of your website should not be affected.

There is a more important issue with too many plugins, and that is a question of maintenance. It is always advisable to keep your WordPress installation up to date with a recent version, and the same is true with plugins.

Sometimes there are two different plugins that are designed for the same purpose that might have different settings that could conflicts with each other. For example it is not usually necessary to install two different plugins for SEO, or two different plugins for backup.

Obviously the more plugins you have installed the more time you will have to spend updating them. Although it is usually a straight-forward process, obviously it will take longer to update 50 plugins than 25 plugins.

The best rule of thumb is quite simple. If a particular plugin makes your life easier, or if it improves the experience of a user on your website, or increases security of your website, then go ahead and install it. If it slows down your website, or any negative result outweighs the benefit, then do not install it, or get rid of it, and try to find a replacement.

You will decide to install some plugins simply because they offer a specialized function that you need. Do not hesitate, if it performs a task that you or your users need.

This is common sense, but many webmasters still think that too many plugins will automatically slow down the performance of their site. I can assure you that this is not the case.

If you are new to WordPress install the minimum number of plugins that you need. This will simplify your installation and maintenence. As you become more experienced you can certainly add more plugins as you feel is necessary.

All of the plugins on this list, have been downloaded tens of hundreds of thousands of times. Some of them have even been downloaded millions of times. They all have been updated to the latest version of WordPress or near the very latest version.It started as a list of 101 plugins, and I whittled it down to 84, because some on the original list were outdated. It will probably grow back to 101 plugins, soon, so I am keeping the original title.

WordPress plugin list-101-plugins

by John Lombaerde

John Lombaerde is a veteran CNC Programmer and technical writer. He is also a blogger, internet marketer, a Founding Member of MarkeHive. and an aspiring digital publisher. For more information visit Google Plus at

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