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5 solid reasons why you need my Fiverr Outsourcing Guide

Have you ever heard of a web site called Fiverr?  The company began in 2009, and it is currently the 59th most visited site in the US, and the 132nd most visited site in the world, (according to Alexa rankings – July, 2014).

Here are 5 substantial reasons why you need my new guide to Fiverr called Fiver Finesse – Outsourcing Guide.

1) You have never heard of Fiverr.  You definitely need this guide to Fiverr to learn what it’s all about.

2) You are marketing online, but you find there are some tasks that you lack sufficient experience to do well.  For example, you may need a logo,or a banner ad for your web site, or other work in Photoshop, and you are not are not a graphics designer.

3) You have a “brick and mortar” business, and you want to get new business cards designed for the business.

4) You are already using Fiverr, but you wonder if the vendors you have used in the past, are the best available.  You would like only to use the best of the best on Fiver, and not some mediocre vendor.

5) You are using Fiverr, but you wonder if some of the “gigs” or tasks offered on Fiverr might run afoul of the Google Webmaster Guidelines.  You don’t want to be your web site banned on Google because of a $5 gig you bought on Fiverr.

Any of the above reasons are sufficient to download the Fiverr Finesse outsourcing guide.  There are 16 pages of text explaining how best to use Fiverr, and how to use the guide to find the best vendors on Fiverr.  There are over 200 pages of information on the best vendors in more than 120 categories on Fiverr.  They are ranked by experience level, and delivery time.

The Fiverr Fincesse outsourcing guide is available for a limited time for free, as a PDF.  I will send you a personalized email and a thank you, with the PDF as an attachment.  Just provide your email address using the banner at the top of this post, and I will send you the guide within 24 hours.

The only thing I ask in return, is that you give me some feedback on the guide, that I may use for promotional purposes.

Thank you very much.  I hope you use the guide to effectively promote your business, and save time and money that will increase your profitibility.


by John Lombaerde

John Lombaerde is a veteran CNC Programmer and technical writer. He is also a blogger, internet marketer, a Founding Member of MarkeHive. and an aspiring digital publisher. For more information visit Google Plus at

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